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What was to be done: create a corporate website, write and rewrite texts.

The company has been working in the area of medical tourism for quite a long time, the mechanism of your visit and treatment in Germany is excellently adjusted. The experienced professionals are ready to provide you the comprehensive assistance and advice. The availability of the services provided is commensurate with the costs spent on them. Questions concerning our health require special attention. After all, every stage on the roadmap to recovery is important: from diagnosis to surgical treatment and intervention. Your trip will be thought out to the smallest detail: from the initial consultation to select the clinics and specialist that are suitable for you and your case, organizing a round-the-clock transfer upon arrival and throughout your stay in Germany, accompanying you with a translator and psychologist during your entire stay and ending with such essential aspects such as assisting in the purchase of medicines, psychological support and counseling, as well as other services arising in the course of treatment.

During the collaboration, an up-to-date version of the website was created.